We all have those memories stored in the back of our minds. I refer to this place as the Vault. It’s a great little place where we go to time and time again. It’s almost like our very own library. I know it can be unfortunate sometimes when bad memories surface, but there are also so many good ones that bring a smile to our face.

These memories we have are custom built for us, they are under construction throughout our entire life. Vacations are great memory builders, and so are holidays. Remember your grammar school teacher you always looked up to? What about all those friends we made in high school? Oh and of course our first love, we can never forget that!

It is true whatever we do in life becomes a memory for someone else. Isn’t it great to remember all the family traditions? I always loved them, we pass them down from generation to generation and they become our trademark. Recently I observed my grown children sitting together laughing and talking about all their high school friends. I took a step back and just listened, honestly it brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart.

I think even if we don’t open the vault everyday, we still know that the memories are back there in a safe place and as long as we never loose the key, they will be ther forever!