The age old saying is really not just words, it is a true fact for some of us. Years ago that is where the so called skeletons remained in the closet. It was like a sin to reveal something you learned about someone. We were programmed never to tell. Today with just a click of the mouse it’s out there for millions to see.

I know we all would like to believe we don’t any of that goulash guys in our closets, but sorry to say a lot of us do. I laugh about it now, and even tell jokes, but when it happened in my family, I somehow couldn’t find the humor. When you read Shadows of His Past it will tell you all about it.

How does this all happen anyway? Is it just merely keeping a secret, or telling a lie? I guess when it’s happening to you, covering it up seems best for everyone. It’s really hard not to think of yourself first when your in that situation, so; what you don’t know won’t hurt you comes into play. At least I think that is how I look at it.

I keep asking myself if sometimes we just tell too much, or is it the just our world as it is today? Everyone’s life is an open book now. In the book you will clearly see how hiding the past eventually hurt many people. Honestly I am on the fence about how far we should dig into someone’s personal life.