It’s really ironic how the topic this week on talk shows and in the news is the question, Did you ever discover a family secret? That is something I lived with throughout my childhood. In my book Shadows of His Past, I tell the story of how my father had a past life that none of us knew about.

When you read this book you will learn how Dominick started a new life with a new family and the old one sat in the back of his mind never clear enough to explain to anyone. But, did the past eventually return for him and did he choose to keep it a secret?

Sometimes bringing up a family member’s past can be painful, and other times it can actually help the person clear his or her conscience. That is something we need to consider before searching for the truth. Shadows of His Past is both heartwarming and a thrilling mystery that questions the past life of a loving father and husband. The young girl trying to help her father face his past is overwhelmed by what she discovers.

Helping someone find out about his past life or a relative can be like a Double Edged Sword. What might seem like a good deed, to help someone dig up the past can turn out to be a problem for them in the long run. Once you have uncovered the secret, then you have to decide what to do with it. Do you tell the world, or keep it a secret?

Then there is always the question that comes to mind, if there is a family member, why aren’t they looking for you? In the twisted turn of events in the book Dominick becomes depressed, part of this is due to just that nagging question, why didn’t anyone look for him?  I think many do want to know if there is a family secret, but others fear the truth they may learn and how to handle it. If Dominick learned the truth on his own, would he have kept it a secret?

I was prepared to learn the truth about my father, and for many years I knew I wanted his story to be told. We all have the right to know who we are and where we came from, but it’s really your choice whether your happy with your life as you know it, or do you want all the cards laid out on the table?