If we had the modern technology to find missing persons back in the 1930’s as we do today, I am sure Dominick’s story would be told quite differently. Organized crime back then was on the rise, but it was also considered a dark secret and people were afraid to even talk about it. That is why after Dominick went missing his family feared the worst. It was assumed that he had gotten mixed up with criminals, and that he probably was killed.

Many of us today can trace back our family roots and find out practically anything we want to know about our ancestors. The beating Dominick took left him no choice but to start a new life. As the shadows in his mind began to haunt him, his daughter Molly tries to help him make the shadows become clear. She had no idea what danger she put herself in as well as her family and friends. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do, Dominick was battling depression as well as fear that his past was returning.

To fear the unknown is normal for anyone, but now Dominick has to constantly look over his shoulder and even doubts his best friend Joe. Unaware of what she would find, Molly decides to look for her grandparents. Dominick does see shadows of an older woman who he believes could be his mother. Imagine you are missing and no one even tries to find you, this haunted Dominick too. Why what was the deep dark secret?

The task of trying to find family members for someone who had nothing to go by was like finding a needle in a haystack. Determination was part of Molly’s DNA just like her father, she could not leave any stone unturned in the search for Dominick’s past. As a child you always think you know all there is to know about your parents or another family member, but is that always true? Would Molly’s love for her father and strong will to find the truth prove to help her family or would she be putting everyone in danger?

Find out if digging up Dominick’s past was the right thing to do?